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You Do You

Are you being the best you, you can be?
Are you going full steam ahead, jumping into life with gusto, bravery, and boldness?
If not, how come?
Are you bored?
Are you lazy?
Are you trying to live up to someone else’s expectations?

In the 1994 film Forrest Gump, the lead character Forrest Gump (played by Tom Hanks) said “My mom always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

Life, people, jobs, family, environment, health, pets; all things we don’t know what we are going to get when we open the box-throughout life. Some chocolates we love and want more, and some we spit out upon putting them in our mouth. We have choice as to which one we eat. And yet, how do we handle the chocolates in our life that are beyond our control?

I can’t control that I’m blind. I can either see myself as disabled, look at my disability as an inability to function, choosing to sit around all day long and watch TV; or I can stand up and do something with my life. I can’t control the news, the weather, what kind of Seeing Eye dog I received, my family, the other people in my building, or friends. What I can “control” is how I respond to everything in my life. I can choose to love, except, embrace, or I can choose hate, deny, or push away.

If you are doing you, then you have little time to blame, hate, control, analyze, or judge anyone else. The Jones’ aren’t your problem. You doing you, is your sole responsibility.

I’m not saying to be egotistical or narcissistic; however, I’m saying to be the observer in the world, pay attention to what’s going on, and don’t let what’s going on outside of you, effect who you are inside. If you were doing you, then, you’d know how to be in the world. Meaning, you’d know what you need to do in respect to the environment. You’d know how to vote when elections come around. You’d know how to handle your friends, jobs, health, and family. If you were listening to you, if you were loving you, if you were doing you, then, you’d be, Living and Being the best you.

When you find yourself complaining, out of sorts, unhappy, or stuck, remember, there’s always another chocolate in the box. You may need to journal to find your answers, or talk with someone, or do some research, or turn off the news, or take a walk, or go on a staycation. I challenge you to sort out your chocolates, pick out the ones you like and discard the ones you dislike. In doing so, you will change the way you see, and change the way you live.

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