Eye on the Prize

Everyone has heard the saying, it’s about the journey, not the goal. However, if we don’t have a goal, we can wander around in the dark searching for our life’s purpose. We need a light, something to focus on.

How many times have you said, “I’ll lose weight some day?” And, are you still waiting?
How come?

You are still waiting because:
You haven’t set a date.
You haven’t visualized your dream coming true.
It’s too far in the future.
It feels impossible, so why try!
You don’t know how.

Though these reasons seem valid, they are excuses. You wouldn’t want to eat a whole cake at once, so, why do you think you should be able to lose 20 pounds in one week?

You can’t. You have to break things down—eat the cake one bite at a time. You have to make meal by meal choices.

Sometimes we get off track, we lose sight of what we want, we give up, struggle, and lose our way. This is a sure-fire way to know you aren’t on track with your life’s purpose. You have to follow your passion; you have to do what brings you joy. You have to let go of the old, and you have to stay the course to your dream.

During the past year I wandered off course with my speaking career. I tried my hand at finances and became disheartened. Once I realized in my soul that speaking and writing are my passions and dreams, once I breathed into my true calling, once I reached out for help, doors swung wide open. I was given the contact for a marketing and publisher and am slated to publish five books in the next year, Soaring into Greatness second edition being one of them. A keynote for the state of Colorado that has been on tap for a year is coming into fruition, and, a couple of hours from now, I’m auditioning to give a TEDx speech again this October. In these ways, I know I’m in alignment with my passion.

Alignment, attitude, and action equal success. All three have to be in balance. I challenge you to see where you’re off track and to get back on. I challenge you to visualize your dream. I challenge you to want it, feel it, and believe that it will come true. I challenge you to take one action step each day towards your dream. I challenge you to find your passion and to live it. I challenge you to keep your eye on the prize, never give up, and to soar into your greatness. I challenge you to change the way you see, and change the way you live.

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