I motivate, educate, and exhilarate my audiences to fully open their eyes and change the way they see.

Gail Hamilton is not your average speaker. Her message of being blind and transforming into a champion of positivity and action inspires, humbles, and strongly resonates with audiences.

Gail is now a virtual and live speaker!

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Faith. Attitude. Action.

Hi, I’m Gail. I have experienced personal abuse, career discriminations, suicidal ideations, loss, and codependency, and I have risen above all these to publish a book, build my own Habitat for Humanity home, and win Fourth Runner up in the National Ms. Senior America 2013 Pageant. My presentations are humorous, empowering, and real. And, I am totally blind.

I know firsthand that anyone can live a life of faith, attitude, and action to live an unstoppable, unforgettable, and unbelievable life.

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Change the Way You See and You Will Change the Way You Live

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one precious life?

It is easy to get stuck in fear and negative beliefs. Gripped by pain, experiencing ongoing anger, and believing choices are few, too many of us are busy doing and not truly living.

Gail Hamilton is blind, yet her vision is internal and this is instrumental in her rising above profound personal challenges to live a life of joy and freedom. After hearing Gail Hamilton speak, audiences are inspired to climb their own mountains, and fly.

Let’s Soar Together!


  • A beautiful story of someone who has overcome a physical handicap and changed it into a force that is an inspiration.

    Jimmy Carter Former President of the United States
  • What a great presentation. Amazing you were able to speak about overcoming such difficult early years with so much humor. You have really funny stories. Are such a rousing ending with singing the opera aria. Such a beautiful voice.

    Fletcher Brown
  • Gail's story of "Soaring into Greatness" is both powerful and vulnerable. Her message opens the door to all that is possible in life, regardless of our circumstances... I am inspired by Gail...

    Roni Sasaki, Host of "A Leg Up On Life" podcast
  • ...exactly the inspiration we need in these crazy times. Vision is internal, and we have a choice about what we see. The choice we make determines how we live our life.

    Misty Davidson
  • Gail Hamilton... is a great deal of fun and personality. She exemplifies everything you would like to have in a speaker. She is engaging, humorous and inspiring. She was an inspiration to all of us and showed us how to look at our lives differently and overcome our obstacles. I highly recommend her as a speaker for any type of organization.

    Cheryle Derman
  • "Thank you for your very informative and entertaining presentation at today’s Rotary meeting. I think we all walked away with a better understanding of the importance of making sure you do not distract or interact with a person with a working seeing eye dog.”

    Bob Young The Rotary Club of Littleton
  • More than inspiring! Time spent with Gail Hamilton is uplifting, encouraging, and seriously motivating.

    Kathy Sullivan Owner, Six Degrees Studio