Gail Hamilton inspires through speaking and has been featured on numerous podcasts and radio interviews.



Public Affairs: Mike & Gail Hamilton

All That Jazz Show – Scammers, To-Do Lists, & Lockdowns

KLTT The Truth with Mike

Inspiratrix Extraordinaire Gail Hamilton with Agnes Knowles

Blindness, Growing up Different and Blind with Matjaz 

How to Lose the Self-Blinding Beliefs with Joyce Buford

Without Site but Guided by Heart with Ken Hannaman

Belief Busters with Rev. Sheree

Behind the Scenes with Chris Thompson

Walk with Me podcast with Regeline Sabbat

Pirate Broadcast with Russ Johns

Accessing vulnerabilities and conquering fear with Anjali Joshi (the interview begins at minute 3:40)

UR Grounded with Jess Intuitive featuring Gail Hamilton – Dancing in the Toxic Shadows, Seeing with Your Heart

Bootcamp for the Mind & Soul with Claire Rogers – Navigating Blindness Discrimination

Decide to Transform with Tomas Garza – Seeing is done with the Heart

It’s a Wrap with Rap – Soaring into Greatness with Gail Hamilton May 2021

The Empowered Woman podcast with Dapo Lipede – Change the Way You See

Abilities in Motion Podcast – Don’t Dis my Ability podcast – featuring Gail Hamilton on Conquering Fears, Climbing Mountains and Envisioning a Life without Limits

Abilities in Motion – Disability Talks – Don’t Dis my Ability podcast




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