Gail promises to guide audiences in living unstoppable, unforgettable, and unbelievable lives.  Faith, attitude, and action are the three keys.


Everyone has challenges in their lives. Gail has coped with abuse, discrimination, and being totally blind.

Today, Gail is a powerful motivational speaker and author. She guides and inspires audiences to recognize and shed their fears so they too can soar into their greatness.

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Most Popular Presentations

Soaring into Greatness
How to Live an Unstoppable, Unforgettable & Unbelievable Life

Flying Free with the Triple Three
The Power of Alignment, Attitude & Action

Lessons Learned from Man’s Best Friend
Trust, Love, Commitment

Focusing on What Really Matters
Change the Way You See and You Will Change the Way You Live

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  • Your audience will appreciate a different kind of speaker – one whose relatable qualities are many
  • You want audience members to be entertained, engaged, and inspired
  • Your audience is looking for motivational action steps to help them on their own life journey
  • You want your audience to laugh, nod in agreement, and leave the room feeling ready to tackle anything

Then YES, Gail Hamilton is
made for your audience!


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