Be the Change

We all have heard Mahatma Gandhi’s quote, “Be the change you want to see in the world,” by now. Gandhi really hits the nail on the head, doesn’t he? My question is, are you being that change?

Do you look at life as the glass half full or empty?
Are you adding to the problem, or are you part of the solution?

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in today’s current events; wondering where humanity and the planet are going.

From Lynn Grabhorn to Ester Hicks, from Louise hay to Neale Donald Walsch, and from Wayne Dyer to Deepak Chopra, all the current thinkers say the same thing, what you focus on brings about more of the same thing! From this perspective, when we complain about the current events, we are adding to the problem, not the solution.

I know I’m sounding like Pollyanna; however, wouldn’t it be better to be living in a world of love, abundance, and oneness than a world of hate, lack, and separation?

We, right here, right now have choice. We can choose to be the change! We can choose to be the arms, legs, mouth, and hands of God/our higher power. We can act and take action every day in every moment and work to change the world towards good.

One of the things that keeps us from living in the light is that we get wrapped up in our separation. Think about it—if we are hating, then we are feeling separate from one another or from our God. If we are feeling less than, we are feeling separate from those around us. If depressed, we are not connected to our feelings. If we are afraid, we are not trusting that all is well and we’ll be okay. If discontent with job or family, we’re still living in a victim mindset and seeing ourselves as separate.

The challenge is to come from oneness and love. We have to live consciously. We have to choose to turn our focus from the dark towards the light. We have to spend more quality time daily meditating, praying, reading, and being around others who have similar thoughts. In this way, we can shift ourselves and others. If we were loving and being one with ourselves, our family, our neighbors, our society, our government, and our planet, we wouldn’t have the problems we have. This is the time to make a conscious difference; not tomorrow, now!

I challenge you to be part of the change. I challenge you to zip your mouth except in love. I challenge you to only take actions that promote good. I challenge you to check out resources that promote love and oneness*, and I challenge you to commit to conscious living in every aspect of your life, including relationships, workplace, community, and in the larger world. In this way, one by one, we will change the world by changing the way we live, and change the way we see.

*Check out for a great example of promoting love and oneness.

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