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Taking Chances

Too many times we stay where we are with our jobs, family or housing situations, health, friends or religious circles because we feel comfortable and safe. If we moved a different direction, we’d be rocking the boat, disrupting the status quo, making a mountain out of a mole hole, or sinking the ship; and, who wants to be responsible for that?

So, we stay where we are, settling, being content— attached to the thing that is keeping us where we are. The question is, is this placidity serving you?

I’d bet dollars to doughnuts, it’s not!

I’d further bet the reason you’re not plunging into the unknown and taking a chance is because of some real or imaginary fear.

At some point in life, you’re going to have to face your fears and take chances. None of us knows what tomorrow will bring. None of us knows the ramifications of our decisions. We just have to trust that right here, right now, you are doing and being the best you you can be. And, right here and right now is the time to take a chance.

If you are feeling the nudge to take on and do something different, that is divine power/God/spirit telling you to do that “it” in your life. There’s a reason for everything and the only way to live life is to let go and take a chance. Taking chances moves our souls forward to our divine purpose. The worse thing that will happen is you’ll encounter some lesson to learn.

Over the past ten years, I’ve had issues with my knees and have gotten the traditional cortisone shots for the pain. I’ve been told that this is a band-aid and down the line I’d need full knee replacement. According to my brother who has had one of these surgeries, “You don’t want to go there.”

So, this week I took a chance. I decided to get stem cell injections in my knees to rejuvenate my cells. Is this going to work? Will this “fix” turn back the clock of time giving me years of pain free living and walking with my pup?

I’m not sure. The prayer is that it will. However, I took a chance on this new restorative technology plunging and trusting that this innovative step will keep me healthy.

What are you needing to take a chance on?
What’s in your way?
Are the blocks in your head or in your environment?
What do you need to do to move them and take a chance?

I challenge you to do it! No matter what, time isn’t on your side. The moment is now, not later. As I said in my last blog, “Be the Change,” and, “Take a Chance.” Open your Self to new possibilities! You are the champion and creator of your destiny. By taking a chance you will change the way you see, and change the way you live!

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