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Blind Perspective

Before the pandemic, I had the opportunity to visit Australia with a group called Travel Eyes from London. The trip was on my bucket list along with climbing the Sydney Harbor Bridge and attending an opera at the iconic Sydney Opera House.

It’s odd being blind. Standing on top of the 75-story bridge was amazing. I could feel the wind in my hair, the sun on my face, and the sway of the bridge under my feet. The sound was quiet with a slight murmur from the cars below. I knew too, that I’d stepped over, ducked under, wiggled around, and squeezed through the many beams and steel scaffoldings, had ascended 1332 steps, and yet, there’d never be a way I could appreciate the magnificence of this structure. Even though I’ve felt a replica, there’s no way to grasp the visuals.

Does this mean I can’t ever enjoy the Seven wonders of the world or a Christmas tree, or to sit by the ocean and read a book?


What this means, is I have the same dreams as you do, and this means my perspective will be different than yours! And at the end of the day, don’t we all have different views of the world?

How do we integrate the blind and sighted worlds together?
How do we include the blind into the world of the sighted?
How do we educate the sighted about the world of the blind?

I’m going to be addressing these topics over the next month for I’m writing and publishing two books. One, Blind, a coffee Book Table Book and the second, Blind Economy (both working titles). The purpose of these books is to find solutions to the three areas that keep blind people separate from sighted people. Through inclusion, and having high expectations on what blind people can do, together we can find ways to equalize transportation and traffic safety, technological solutions, and economic abundance with the hiring of the 70% underemployed in the blind segment of our population.

You can help! You can provide your perspective! Whether you are sighted or blind, I invite you to join the conversation.

I challenge you to let me know your thoughts on finding ways to integrate these worlds together. I challenge you to make a difference, to add your voice, and be the change! I challenge you to take action, email me, and let’s have a dialog on changing the perceptions, attitudes, and current limitations surrounding blind people. I challenge you to reach out and, together, let’s change the way we see, and change the way we live!!!


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