Path to Greatness

Once, I wrote a handout for a speaking presentation entitled, “20 Ways to Soar.” I wrote these to inspire my audience members to fly. I thought you’d enjoy them.

  1. Have the strength, desire, and passion to fly
  2. Face the fear of falling—it’s usually all in your head
  3. Believe with your entire Being that you can fly
  4. Trust, the air will always hold you up
  5. It’s okay to leave the nest
  6. You have to be physically and mentally strong in order to flap your wings and fly
  7. Enjoy the flight, there is always beauty around you
  8. Take action, it’s not good to sit too long in one tree
  9. Don’t worry about the nasty predators
  10. The worms are your friends, embrace them
  11. Though you may feel you’re alone in the sky, you are never alone
  12. Focus
  13. It’s okay to take shelter against the tornados
  14. Be willing to take a risk and to expand
  15. You always have choice of which tree you want to sit in
  16. Have gratitude and bless the journey
  17. Keep flapping your wings for that’s the only way to fly and reach the current
  18. Sing out your morning song for your voice is beautiful
  19. Remember, you are whole, gifted, strong, wise, Divine, and beautiful
  20. You right here, right now, are who you were born to be


Are you grounded or flying?

If grounded, what is keeping you from flying?

It’s easy to stop flying. We may follow others, thinking their path is our path. Time goes by and suddenly, you wake to find that you’re unhappy, making excuses, lost your commitment, and don’t care. Then, you have to stop, choose, and realign.

This happened to me over the past year. I’ve been traversing the skies overhead that belong to another. I tried my wings in the financial field and even stretched them to get licensed in Health, Life, and Long-Term insurance. I realized that though I could have inspired others to live their dreams, and I could have made a difference in the community, this just wasn’t my passion. I window shopped, bought the jacket, tried it on, wore it for a while, and now, I’m taking it back to the store and exchanging it for my original speaking and writing capes.

I believe that the path to success and greatness is knowing that everything is in divine order. If you aren’t ecstatic, you’ve gotten off course. Let go of your don’t wants and embrace your do wants for you’re the creator of your destiny. You can choose to fly anywhere in the sky you want.

I don’t regret learning about finances for I’ve struggled with them all my life. However, my purpose is that I’m the voice of hope and inspiration who has come to inspire others to live a life of greatness. My heart sings when I’m writing and speaking. If I get hired for $100 or $10,000—I’m happy. As I wrote in my book, “If I can give a blind child light, an abused person courage, an invisible teen sight, a disabled body wings, a failed relationship promise, or a broken Spirit love, then this book has served its purpose.” I pray I provide you hope and inspiration, for this is my intent.

As I get on course, providing more trainings, speaking presentations, and commit to writing another book or two, I challenge you to stop and refocus your dreams and goals. Are you living your path? If not, do whatever it takes to get back on. “You have wings. Learn to use them and fly.” —Mevlana Rumi. It’s not that we get off course, it’s that we get back on. Let’s get on together and fly, no, not fly, let’s soar into our greatness together. Let’s change the way we see, and change the way we live!

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