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Follow Your Passion

At the beginning of my book Soaring into Greatness, a Blind Woman’s Vision to Live her Dreams and Fly, I wrote:

“Where you find Creativity, you find Passion
Where you find Passion, you find Heart
Where you find Heart, you find Soul
And where you find Soul, you find God.”

Passion at the end, beginning, and middle of the day is what makes us tick. We can do jobs to make money and pay the bills (chop wood as a friend of mine says); however, where’s the joy?

We are not on this planet to work 9 to 5. We are here to live our passion. We are here to be happy. We are here to love others and to be loved.

I think one of the aspects that the pandemic has brought to the forefront is, that people learned that while they were in quarantine, they had time for their passions and could reassess how they wanted to spend their time and energy.

Some people tell me they either (one), have too many things that bring them joy, and they don’t know which way to turn, or, (two), they don’t have anything that makes them happy.

In regards to the first person, I say, just pick one thing and do it. Doesn’t matter which one. The right one is the one you are doing right now. Five minutes from now you can do something else.

To the second person, think back to when you were five-years-of age. What did you like doing? Writing? Drawing? Cooking? Making mud pies? Whatever that thing was, that’s a clue into what you’re supposed to be doing now as an adult. If you still don’t know, then I have a suggestion. Read The Artist’s Way: a Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity by Julia Cameron. She’ll take you through a twelve-week program that’ll assist you in finding your passion.

One of the suggestions she has is to write “Morning Pages.” To this day, some thirty years after reading her book, I still begin my day writing. I document my events from yesterday, write things to do for today, make conversations between me and another person, write a gratitude list, and insert documents I’m working on. The sky is the limit. Writing helps me become clear about my passion and purpose.

For example, recently I was grappling with either continuing with a one-year career in financial education or continuing with my twenty-year speaking and writing career. Though some say I should chop that wood by working in the financial world, through writing in my journal and blogging, I realized that finances weren’t the thing that brought me joy, writing and speaking were. Writing and speaking make my heart soar and my spirit sing. Once I made that choice, and closed that financial door, then, God indeed opened the window of opportunities, and new unforeseen speaking blessings are coming my way.

If you are looking to renew or find your passion, I challenge you to pick up Julia’s book, (or mine), and I challenge you to begin your day with writing. In this way, you will change the way you see and change the way you live.

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