Where are you on the truth scale?

I would bet if you were to be honest, you could use some tweaking in this area. Our society is blind when it comes to speaking our truth to others. “How are you?” Fine, we say even though our world may be falling apart. “Do you like this dress?” Sure, even though the color doesn’t work. “Will you join this board or do this or that for me?” Yes, and we know we either won’t or totally don’t want to.

What’s the harm in speaking our truth? We don’t want to hurt the other person’s feelings. We want to be nice. Most likely, we are afraid of the repercussions if we let others know how we are truly feeling.

So, we keep our truth bottled up until it spills out like an endless water fall in inappropriate places. In being nice we are hurting our Selves. We in turn cause our mind mental anguish, and anything that does this, causes us to be out of alignment and out of harmony.

It’s better when trying the truth wings to start off small before spreading them wide. For one, people aren’t used to hearing the truth from you, and two, you may not be used to giving it.

Truth is a muscle that needs to be flexed gently in order to build up strength.

Best to provide the truth in little bites.

The first step in speaking truth to others is to speak truth with yourself. Try keeping all your promises to you. Don’t say you are going to exercise, when you know you aren’t. Don’t say you will make phone calls, and then don’t. Don’t make commitments, then break them.

Begin practicing truth by:

#1 Say “yes” to you and “no” to others

#2 Check in with your Self before speaking

#3 Make your first relationship be with your Source, then Self, and then to others

It’s impossible to be in Truth and authentic with others if your inside isn’t honest first.

In practicing truth on a consistent basis, you will change the way you see and change the way you live.


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