Step into the Dark

It is morning, yet I do not see the sun. I step into the empty hotel lobby dragging my two suitcases behind me. Hearing nothing, I tap my white cane on the floor until I locate the front desk. The person behind the counter checks me in stating, “The elevator is over there.” Hmm. Is that to the right, left, or behind me. Didn’t she see that I’m blind?

Getting assistance to my room, after pointing out the obvious to her, I was left at my door to find my own way around. Following the walls with my hands I learn the general layout: kitchen on the left with flat-top stove and full-size refrigerator, living room straight ahead with sectional couch and TV stand, and master bedroom and large bathroom to the right. Upon more probing, I discover that the wall between the bedroom and living room was shorter making that entrance angled. Ah, no wonder I kept ending up tripping over the end table every time I exited the bedroom.

Every day I have to face the unknown. Walking in total darkness, stumbling over objects, running into walls, and feeling my way is my norm. However, I believe that challenges can either weigh me down or give me my wings to fly.

What about you? How are you negotiating your life’s environment? Are you blindly walking in the dark, stumbling, and fumbling around? How are you handling the walls in your life when you run into them? Cursing them? Hitting them? Blaming them for not moving? Or, are you going around them and blessing them for being there? Are you able to face the unknown and open your door to your own dark room? Is your fear stopping you from your explorations?

Half way through my hotel stay, I needed to change rooms; which turned out to be a mirror to the previous room. Not a problem if I had sight. Being blind, I spent the first five hours going into the kitchen instead of the bathroom! We always think we know exactly how our life is going to work out, right? We know that the hotel bathroom is going to be on the right. How do we cope when it’s not? When our roadmaps are suddenly changed and we have no idea of where we are and/or where we are going, how do we embrace the change? Often, we want Comfort and want things (our layout) continually to remain the same. However, life is forever changing and evolving. For me, I like to see life as an adventure.

I believe that if we change the way we see, we will change the way we live. It’s not what you don’t have in life, it’s what you do with what you do have! Everyone has the capability to see, to shine, and to soar into their greatness! And everyone has the ability to live an unstoppable, unforgettable and unbelievable life!


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