The Journey of the Blown-Glass Rose

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful rose made from the finest blown glass ever known to man. One day, a princess rode by and saw the rose displayed in the window of the glassmaker’s shop. The princess entered the shop, picked the blown-glass rose up, beheld her magnificence, and was mesmerized with its many facets. The princess bought the rose, brought her home, and kept her in a special antique curio cabinet in order to keep her safe from harm. Every day the princess opened the door, reached in, and caressed the rose in her hands.

One day, while dusting the rose’s petals, the princess accidentally knocked her against the shelf. A small piece broke off cutting the princess’s finger. Bleeding, the princess returned the rose to the spot where she once stood so perfectly and elegantly. Though in pain, and the blown glass rose was damaged, the princess still loved the rose for the rose was still precious and beautiful to her!

As time passed, more of the blown-glass rose’s pedals broke off until alas all that remained was her stem. That sheared piece constantly cut the princess’s finger, causing her physical and psychological pain every time she picked it up.

The princess didn’t know what to do with her beloved blown-glass rose. She didn’t want to toss her away, nor did she want to keep her. Finally, the princess decided to wrap the remaining rose fragment in bubble wrap, place her in a pink box, and float her gently to God to take care of. For only God could make her whole again!

Do you have any “blown-glass roses” in your life?
Are they causing you pain?
How many times do you pick them up only to be hurt again?
Isn’t it time to let them go to God for healing?

We hold onto that chard of glass (our blown-glass rose) even though we know we are going to get hurt again. Over and over again we pick it up expecting different results, and over and over again we get hurt.

In giving our blown-glass Roses to God, we have to trust that all things are possible. We can’t heal the hearts of others. They have to want to heal. All we can do is believe, trust, forgive, and love. This is not a one-time process. You may need to forgive and let go ten times, or you may need to forgive 1,000 times. Either way, the blown-glass rose isn’t yours to fix! Trust in the journey, all is well, and everything is in Divine order.

I challenge you to take a look at your blown-glass roses. Are there some who are still prickling your fingers, making you blee?. If so, take some time to let them go. You may want to write them a letter, journal, or meditate. Their broken chards are theirs, not yours. When the thought of your blown-glass rose comes to mind, forgive them, love them, and bless them for being the beautiful gift that they were. In doing so, you will change the way you see and change the way you live.

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