New Year’s Vision

As the year 2022 begins, many people set goals only to give up on them by February. Maybe you are one of these people? Maybe you lost your motivation, … or you didn’t believe you could accomplish them in the first place, … or perhaps you felt like your goals were “something you should do”. Thus, like every year which has come before, you told yourself that resolutions don’t work and so why even set goals in the first place?

Last January, 2021, I wrote a blog on letting go of the word resolution—replacing it with the thought of, “How would you like to evolve?”

This year, I’d like to introduce you to the concept of Vision statements. How do you see your Self on December 31, 2022?

For the past ten or more years, I’ve written yearly vision statements. These should be written as if you’ve already accomplished them. Keep your aspirations positive and vague. Know where you want to go and let Spirit worry about the how/details. i.e. write, “I saw me as healthy, slim, and trim,” don’t say, “Last year I lost 50 pounds in the first three months. It’s good to know where you are going; however, sometimes life happens and you never want to set yourself up to fail.

Here’s just a part of my 2022 vision statement in order to give you a beginning template. I try to read this twice a day; once first thing in the morning when I wake, and once before I fall asleep at night. Mine is pretty spiritual in nature. Yours can be any way you like.

“My philosophy for this year has been, “I Shine light on people’s obstacles challenging them to change, choose, conquer, and create the life they want.” This year I saw my vision with clarity—I listened to my inner voice, spoke my truth, opened my heart, reached out to others, breathed in peace, and stepped forward into my greatness with boldness. I achieved emotional balance, mental stimulation, physical health, spiritual connection, financial prosperity, and artistic creativity. I practiced forgiveness and embraced my mistakes and imperfections as a natural part of the human experience. I absorbed into my consciousness that I am the light of God in expression. I am whole and holy. I am peaceful, loving, wise, free, and limitless! I embodied my Self as a spiritual Being living in a physical body. I was open, receptive, optimistic, and positive! I thought, acted, and felt as God does. I understood at the deepest level that I am the light of the world and as such, I provide good to my Self and to others. In short, I lived like I was my own best friend.

My intention/vision for 2022 was to fly. I:

  • Gave a $5,000 training presentation
  • Sold 500 books
  • Wrote 52 blogs
  • Published: Soaring Free, How to Live an Unstoppable, Unforgettable, Unbelievable Life
  • Published: blog inspirations from 2021
  • Published: Seven Tails of Love, How These Phenomenal Seeing Eye Dogs Changed my Life
  • Earned $3000 per month from insurance education and transactions
  • Received seeing eye dog number seven
  • Found a new nearby Unity church that was loving and empowering

This year, I saw myself as a Creator in every aspect of my life. Every day I meditated, visualized, prayed, read the Daily Word, talked with God, journaled, exercised, read my goals, made music, and planned my work, and worked my plan…”

As 2022 begins, I challenge you to sit down and write your 2022 vision statement. If you’d like me to review yours, send them to me in an email at

My dream for you for 2022 is to live your dreams and fly on your wings. You are the creator and champion of your destiny. Now is the time to soar into your greatness! Let go of your past, take one action step today, and create the future of your dreams. All is possible if you are authentic, aligned with spirit, have a positive attitude, and take action. So, take that action step and change the way you see, and change the way you live!


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  1. Lynda Drake

    Thank you Gail! Beautiful and inspirational as always! Keep bringing that love into the world and showing us how to do the same! Happy 2022!

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