Dangerous Opportunity

We all have heard by now that life can be seen as a journey, and it’s how we walk our path that matters. When I visualize walking my life’s path, I like to see my path illuminated by the light of wisdom.

Like a flashlight, we can only see what is a few feet in front of our feet. We can walk the path afraid of the darkness in front of us; not knowing the twists and turns, or we can look aside to see the beautiful flowers or snow that accompanies us on our way. The choice is ours.

How do you see your journey?

A never-ending challenge?

Something always to be in fear of?

Or a blessing and something to look forward to?

The Chinese have a saying which goes, “Wei Gi;” dangerous opportunity. At every moment, danger and opportunity live in harmony side by side. Dangerous, for we don’t know what lies ahead, and opportunity for the thrill of the unknown path which lies before us.

This week, I was called by The Seeing Eye, in Morristown, New Jersey, to say that they will be holding class next week for retrains and they have a spot and dog for me. I’m feeling so much Wei Gi! I am blessed to get a new Seeing Eye dog after almost three years (if you don’t count dear Maggie); yet I pray I’ll be safe and protected from the Omicron variant of the coronavirus. I’m thrilled to walk tall and in safety with the new dog that they have selected for me; yet I pray I have the physical and mental strength and endurance to make it through the two-week intense training. I’m excited that this dog will bring me love, trust, and companionship; yet there could be physical or unknown challenges. I’m honored to walk freely again; and I pray that other people and their dogs don’t ruin the success of our team. So, I’m living in the Wei Gi.

With this said, I could allow my fears to stop me on my path and cause me to turn around, cancel my plans, or, I can walk with boldness up the path knowing the light will always guide my way. I don’t have to know everything! I don’t have to know the how! All I have to know is that my path is now being illuminated to go in this direction. It’s my “job” to follow the guidance. I know, no matter what that I’ll be safe and that all is well.

I challenge you to look at your path. Are there some Wei Gi’s present? Are you avoiding the blessings and opportunities by living in the curses and fears? Pick up your flashlight, shine it before you, and walk into your future with hope, joy, and greatness. In this way, you will change the way you see, and change the way you live, promise!

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  1. Stephanie Hanouw

    Your message is inspiring, Gail. Thank you. I ty to qslk in the “unknown opportunity “realm. Yhanks for encouraging us to walk boldly!

    The dog pictures are beautiful!

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