Sleep: 10 Tips on How to Get It!

Out of the 331 million people in the USA, approximately ten percent suffer from insomnia according to Netscape. I have had severe bouts of this condition for over thirty years. I have tried all kinds of things to improve my sleep situation, including being involved in sleep studies, and here are some tips that have worked for me over the years. I thought they might work for the 10 percent of you who also may find yourself up in the middle of the night binging on TV crime shows.

#1 Keep all electronics out of the bedroom. TV, iPads, iPhone, reading devises, etc. The brain is made up of electrical impulses, and these devices attract to the brain’s energy. Try to unplug an hour before bedtime. This will tell your brain it’s time to sleep now.

#2 Don’t ever read or watch TV lying down. That teaches the body that it’s okay to do these activities while in a horizontal position. What you want to teach the body is, that the only thing it should be doing in this position is sleep.

#3 Go to bed every night and get up every morning at the same time. This ensures that your circadian rhythms stay at a consistent level. They get off balance if you change your hours every day.

#4 Don’t take prescribed or over-the-counter sleep medications. This teaches the brain that it can’t sleep unless it has assistance. You have everything you need to fall asleep inside you.

#5 Stretch. This is a great way to relax the body from all the activities of the day. You can use cool down exercises from your workouts or yoga. Just make sure you stretch your legs, calves, hips, and back. You can also relax your muscles by taking a hot bath with Epson salts.

#6 From another room, have Alexa or other apps play ocean sounds on high volume. The point here is to block out external sounds-things that go bump in the night-from waking you during the night. Make sure if you get up in the middle of the night to turn these back on if they turn themselves off.

#7 Open wide your bedroom window an hour before bed to cool the room down. You may even need to keep the window open a crack during the night. This keeps your body from overheating and waking you up. You may find it helpful to sleep in light-weight pajamas and/or blankets.

#8 Before bed, drink Golden milk. Put in blender 12 ounces of almond milk. Add a pinch to taste of cinnamon, ginger, black pepper, and turmeric. Add a tad of vanilla, date or maple syrup, and a spoonful of almond butter. (I haven’t found a way to get the almond butter to blend; however, it’s still good.) Pour into covered glass mug and microwave for 1 to 2 minutes. Drink and enjoy.

#9 Pay attention to what you’re eating and drinking; especially after 3pm. Alcohol, caffeine, carbs, sugar, or processed foods could be the culprit. Try to eat only every four to five hours during the day which provides your body time to digest and process your food.

#10 If you are tired during the next day, go get something with high caffeine in it. Your body needs to break up what it’s doing. This will keep you awake during the day, help your circadian rhythms get back on track, and shake up your system.

For the 10 percent of you who are reading this blog, I’d be interested in knowing how my tips work for you and/or if you have any tips for me to try. Email me at to share your outcomes.

Here’s to changing the way we see and changing the way we live. With proper sleep, we all can live an unstoppable, unforgettable, and unbelievable lives!

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