All things are possible

What is it they say, “if you have the faith of a mustard seed you can move mountains?” The trick is to have the faith that truly whatever the “It” is in your life, is that the It can come true. All things are possible. Not some, but all.

  • What things are you having doubts about today?
  • How come you believe they won’t come true?
  • Is your belief valid?
  • Where did you get that belief?
  • Is the belief still valid?
  • How come are you still holding onto it?
  • What purpose does it serve you to still believe the way you do?

You know deep inside that you want to change! You know deep inside that all things are possible!

You know!

Sometimes it’s easier to hold onto the old way, even though it isn’t working, than to reach out and embrace the new, even though you want it.

It’s like you are on a trapeze. You want to stand on the higher second trapeze that’s within your sight and just beyond your reach. You say you want it; however, you are afraid of allowing yourself to let go and swing and grab the next one.

Some folks do grab the next trapeze but don’t fully let go of the first. In this way they are off balance and tidder between them. Wanting the old and the new.

You can’t have it both ways. To embrace the new, the possible, you have to grab the higher trapeze with both hands and jump with both feet into the new possibility. You may or may not like this trapeze once you arrive, but you will never embrace the possibility unless you are full IN.


I encourage you to create your possibilities today, reach, embrace, and swing into your experience with conviction and belief. You are the amazing you and All things are possible!

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