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Thoughts Become Things

Mike Duley Tut from The Universe signs his signature, “Thoughts become things,” which got me wondering as to its meaning.

Two thoughts come to mind.

First, focus on yourself. If you’re focused on you, then, you really don’t have time to put your thoughts and attention on anyone else. Many times, we deem it our responsibility to try and fix, control, manipulate, worry, or blame others. When we do these things, we spend precious thought time that could be placed on ourselves and toss it to the wind. When we’re really taking care of ourselves, mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, we can’t possibly have enough energy at the end of the day to take care of anyone else.

Second, look inward. the phrase “Thoughts become things” could have a more spiritual connotation. As soon as a thought comes into your mind, what do you do with that thought?

Ignore it?

Push it off until tomorrow?

Act on it?

Many times, a thought flashes into our heads and we push that thought aside until another day. As time passes—like emails in our inbox—they get pushed farther down and probably inactivated forever. What good is having the thought in the first place if we let that thought go into what Deepak Chopra calls “the gap”?

The thought comes into our brains right here right now for a specific reason, and that reason is for you to do that thing, this instant!

I believe that our thoughts are powerful. Not only do thoughts become things, I believe that thoughts, especially those that spontaneously pop into our heads, come from God/spirit/the divine and they’re a clue that now is the divine time to act on them, not tomorrow or next week.

I challenge you to be empathetic and compassionate yet not consume yourself by other’s circumstances. Provide a helping hand, be there, pray for their well-being, and, then, stop! Remember, for your own health, that today’s thoughts create tomorrow’s reality. You must pay attention to what makes you content and full of joy. Taking on others’ problems only can bring you down! Lift yourself up! Do the thought that pops into your head today, and see how this will spring you forward into a rebirth of your Self. In paying attention to your thoughts and acting on the ones that create truth, peace, and love, you will change the way you see and change the way you live.

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