The Problem Isn’t the Problem

This week, a friend told me she heard a quote that went something like, “The problem isn’t the problem, it’s our attitude about the problem that’s the problem.”  

I wrote an entire section on attitude in my soon-to-be-published workbook How to Soar into Your Greatness! Today, it’s pretty common knowledge that what we think about we bring about. Our thoughts only take 16 seconds to manifest into reality; for good or for bad. 

You may remember last year I was scammed for 10K by an out-of-town publisher which left me devastated. Most of my blogs during this time dealt with David and Goliath. Then, last fall, upon the suggestion of a dear friend, I spent many hours crafting a new phenomenal presentation. We’ll leave the title a mystery for now; however, let’s just say it has to do with elephants and relationships. At that time we didn’t have the slightest idea as to the audience who would be the receivers of this presentation; yet, we both had faith, believed, and knew this was going to be powerful!  

Time passed. In December, out of the blue, another friend came into my life to help me pick out the perfect photos for this presentation. Gaining momentum, in January a third friend volunteered to provide his expertise and put the PowerPoint slides together for me. Meanwhile, I began to memorize this hour-long presentation. The collaborator encouraged me to “Keep going and you better put your running shoes on.”  

Running blindly up my path, this past week, I received an email that stated I’d been selected to speak for the 24th Annual MIC of Colorado Education Conference and Trade Show, Colorado Convention Center in Denver, CO, on March 27, 2024, at 9:30 AM. Imagine my shock! They were supposed to have let me know in January. That adage must be true, whatever you think about subconsciously or consciously you bring about. I believe that every single step in this process was truly a miracle in action. I feel honored and blessed and hope/pray/encourage my speaker friends to clear their calendars and come. 

As I begin to focus and sprint towards this goal, I can’t help but wonder about you. 

Where are your eyes focusing? 

What physical or mental items are occupying your time? 

Do you have your slippers or running shoes on? 

What’s stopping you from doing the thing you came to do? 

What’s your attitude about your problem? 

Is your problem really your problem?  

Every week, I write something about my life and how I’m working through it. Every week, this comes down to alignment with God/faith, attitude, and/or action. Every week, I end my blogs saying, “Change the way you see and change the way you live!”   

These aren’t just nice little words to live by. I’m: 

Hoping you find value in them!  

Praying you to stop, read, and integrate my words into your lives!  

Intending you to change your life!  

I want you to write me back! 

Encouraging you to pass my emails forward.  

asking you to promote me on my social media platforms, LinkedIn, YouTube channel, or Instagram.   

The problem isn’t the problem, it’s our attitude about the problem.  

 This week, instead of leaving you with my words, I’ll leave you with words from another famous blind woman

“No pessimist ever discovered the secret of the stars, or sailed to an uncharted land, or opened a new doorway for the human spirit. “ Helen Keller 

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