The Butterfly Within

We all know about the evolution of butterflies. Caterpillar … chrysalis … butterfly. When we think about these three different phases of the butterfly’s life, we’re struck with the process as being no other than pure magical!    

As a child, we grow and ingest life at a rapid speed like the caterpillar. As an adult chrysalis go inward and transform who we were and who we’re about to become. As older adults, butterfly-we’re beautiful, free, light, and bright.    

I wonder:  

As a caterpillar (who lives for three weeks) is he happy?   

Is he discontent waiting to go into the chrysalis?   

Does he even know who he was born to be the butterfly at the outset?  

Once inside the chrysalis, (for two weeks) Is it hard to break into the outside world?  

As the butterfly, does he know he only has a short time to live (one week)?  

Of course not! One stage just flows into the next. Whether the caterpillar, chrysalis, or butterfly he is not analyzing or worrying about his past or future, he is just being.    

As humans, we tend to think being a butterfly is better than being a caterpillar, and, being the butterfly is the goal.   

What if it’s not?  

What if none of these stages are better than the other?   

What if all are equally important?   

You know, you can be the caterpillar, chrysalis, and the butterfly at the same time! No matter where you find yourself in your life’s journey, you are okay and where you are supposed to be! I’ve read the summit of one mountain is the bottom of the next mountain!   

When I was a child I climbed trees, rode a bike, played with dolls, learned to read print and Braille, and drew pictures. In my adult life, I became depressed, suicidal, financially deprived, struggled with relationships, discriminated against, and felt socially isolated. And yet, I’ve sung in two operas, built my former Habitat for Humanity house, published my memoir, climbed the Sydney Harbor bridge, and worked and loved each of my seven Seeing Eye dogs. During all of these times being the caterpillar, chrysalis, and butterfly was who I was born to be!   

What I’ve learned is we’re all the divine light of God in expression! We’re all whole and holy! We’re all peaceful, loving, and kind! And, we’re all abundant and free!     

Now fly, little butterfly fly! Take those wings, stretch them out, and be the great you that you are meant to be! You know who you are! You need no one … no book … nothing out there to tell you your answers! You have them already within! You have the peace, power, love, forgiveness, kindness, joy, wisdom, zeal, laughter, compassion, and expansion already within you! I challenge you to tap, tap, tap into it! Breathe, listen, believe, and come forth to the world with your knowingness! You are the co-creator of your destiny, the composer of your symphony, now go choose to live a life of greatness! In this way, you will change the way you see and change the way you live. 

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