The Blind Elephant in the Room

What IS the Blind elephant in the room?  

To find out, read on.   

As you open this blog today, Wednesday, March 27, 2024, I’m speaking at the 24th Annual MIC (Meetings Industry Council) of Colorado Education Conference and Trade Show. I’m sorry you missed this presentation; However, it’s not too late for you to get into the action.   

This 45-minute interactive presentation, “The Blind Elephant in the Room, Changing the Way You See and Relate to Others” is about seeing the blind elephant in the room, speaking to her, and touching the elephant. Too many times, people let their own Self-blinding beliefs stop them from connecting with people with visible or invisible disabilities. They get nervous and don’t know how to act or what to say. They say funny things like, “It’s over there” to a blind person, and then feel guilty for they think they’ve hurt my feelings or said the wrong thing.  

Sighted people think I see the world one way, I think sighted people see the world differently, and the reality is we see the world somewhere in between. It’s all about building relationships. We all want to connect, you and I, with one another. Relationship building takes doing activities together, time, trust, communication, honesty, respect, and love.   

It’s important to address the blind elephant! See us, speak to us, and touch us. Be bold! Be brave! Be assertive! But most importantly, be in a relationship!  

Week after week I’ve written blogs for the past four years. My motivation is, I want to touch and connect with you! However, though I think I may be succeeding, I seldom hear back from you! This relationship can’t grow and be fostered unless communication is sent and received on both sides. You too, must have the desire and willingness to connect and be in a relationship with me! I’m encouraging you to change our interactions and do something more proactive like:   

Emailing or calling me with your reactions, referrals, or anything else profound  

Passing my blogs forward and encouraging others to read and sign up to receive them   

Joining my YouTube channel or Instagram.   

Even better still would be for you to promote me to your:  



Service club   


Place of employment   

If you pass my name forward, if I get hired, then, I’ll pass your kindness forward by either giving you $25% of my fee or donating it to the charity of your choice.  

My objectives for this presentation are to:  

Incorporate positive policies in your organization embracing the disabled community.  

Discover how to share powerful relationship-building tools with others.  

Learn how to include disabled people more effectively in all facets of your organization.  

If you know folks who need a little (or a lot) education on blindness, and if you live in Denver, Delta, Tampa, or Costa Rica, I have the desire and willingness to come and chat with your folks. In this way, we all together can change the way we see and change the way we live.  

Mark Your Calendars and Join Me  

Wednesday, April 3: Speaking, The Blind Elephant in the Room, Changing the Way You See and Relate to Others  

Rotary Club of Englewood  

12:00 PM – 1:00 PM  

The Malley Recreation Center  

3380 South Lincoln Street; Englewood, CO 80113  


Saturday, April 6: Open Mike night  

6:00 PM – 9:00 PM  

Colorado Center for the Blind  

2233 West Shepherd Ave., Littleton CO 80120  


Monday, April 8: Sing-a-long with Gail  

8:00 AM – 10:30 AM  

Lowry Elementary  

8001 E. Cedar Ave., Denver, CO 80230 


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