Rock Cairns

Are you following your guides?

Last week for my birthday I was given a five Rock Cairn formation which was specifically put together and made for me by one of my dear friends.

She explained that spiritually they represented peace, calm, meditation, center, and grounding. They’re sometimes used as a spiritual token of gratitude—as a prayer altar where each rock can signify an intention of grace or thankfulness or be offered up for another in need.

My friend went on to describe that these Rock Cairns are also commonly used as stacks of rocks that guide hikers up the mountain. “They provide landmarks to the hiker, which encourages them to keep going, stay on the trail, and follow the path.”

Wouldn’t it be nice if we all had our own specific rock Cairns to assist us up our life’s mountains?
Life would be so much easier, wouldn’t it?

Twenty years ago, when I was severely depressed, I used to pray to God to leave me a Braille letter on my desk and “Just tell me what to do!” Of course, God provides answers, just not in that form!

I think we have psychological and spiritual rock Cairns-it’s a matter of recognizing them.

The first rock Cairn is peace. Slow down, and breathe, everything will turn out. Be patient! There’s always a way up the mountain. Sometimes you need the right tools, sometimes the right guide. Sometimes practice, and sometimes perseverance. Keep following your inner guide.

The second rock Cairn is calm. There’s always beauty around you. Look up, look back, and notice the flowers and the trees. All are planted there for your enjoyment! Be careful not to run up the mountain, you never know when you’ll encounter ice or a deep crevice.

The third rock Cairn is meditation. It’s okay to give yourself permission to sit a spell on your mountain, close your eyes, be still, and notice what is going on inside your thoughts and body. Running and hiking shoes have their time and place; however, a nice moment with God often can serve as a much-needed respite.

The fourth rock Cairn is the center. As you open your eyes from meditation, breathe down to your core. As you observe your world, know and believe you’re here right now for a divine purpose. You needn’t change anything. You’re perfect, strong, and special. You have everything you need to keep climbing your mountain.

The final rock Cairn is grounding. Stand up! Be bold! You’re Unstoppable, Unforgettable, Unbelievable. Nothing is holding you back from the summit! Align with spirit, believe and have a positive Attitude, and step forward and take Action.

We all need gentle rock Cairn reminders. Sometimes daily! I challenge you to embrace the peace, calm, meditation, center, and grounding that is yours to behold. Breathe. Nature and God are within and around you. You are the rocks! You have the touchstones to make it from one Cairn to the next. You are the peace. You are the calm. You are the meditation. You are the center. And you are the grounding. When you follow your rock Cairn guides, you will change the way you see and change the way you live.

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