Remembering the Three P’s: Patience, Peace and Prosperity

As I put my fingers on the computer, I reflect upon how I want everything right here right now. I want to lose five pounds, today! I want my neighbor to move out of his apartment, today! I want a prosperous speaking career, today! Not tomorrow, today! Then, I pause, breathe, and realize that I need to have a little patience and some peace, and remember I am already prosperous. … Let me explain.

Patience. I have to remember everything is in divine order. Getting frustrated at myself for not losing weight doesn’t help! The scale is only feedback that something needs tweaking. Maybe something in my food plan is off. Maybe I’m not exercising enough. Maybe I need more sleep! Before I get mad, I need to do what is mine to do. Stop blaming and start taking responsibility. Don’t allow my humanness to override my spirituality. I am the divine light of God in expression.

Peace. My human side wanted my neighbor to move out yesterday. His constant TV blaring all night drives me crazy. However, my thoughts of wishing him ill, or envisioning him somewhere else doesn’t help my attitude or the situation. I can’t have peace externally unless I have peace internally. Slow down, breathe, relax! He’s doing the best he can with what he’s got. The change I need to see starts with me. Be gentle, be kind, be content.

Prosperity. I do want a speaking business today. I want to stop the struggle of financial lack. And yet, what’s my motivation? My answer is, that I want to reach out, to make a difference, to touch, and to connect with others. I have something to say that is of value to others. I reflect prosperity isn’t just how much money is in my bank account. Prosperity comes in the number of snowflakes falling from the sky, the plethora of birds chirping in the trees, the numerous friends who wrap their arms around me, the apartment I live in, the piano and autoharp in my office, the clothes in my closet, and the food in my cabinets. There are so many ways I am prosperous and blessed. I only need to give thanks, to live in gratitude, and to rejoice in the prosperity I already have.

When I remember to be patient with myself, to live in peace, and to be thankful for all that I have, life is indeed good. We all want the good life. But wanting is in the future. We must remember we already have a good life right here right now. We already have patience, peace, and prosperity. I challenge you, if anything I’ve written has touched you, then stop and answer these questions.

Am I living in the present moment?
Am I at peace with myself?
Do I give thanks daily for the good in my life?

If so, then up your game and practice these skills more. If not, then, step into your greatness and be patient. Be at peace. Be prosperous. You can’t change the way you see and change the way you live unless you’re willing to change the way you relate and connect with yourself, with others, and all that makes you, you. Be the change and see how you too can live a patient, peaceful, prosperous, unstoppable, unforgettable, unbelievable life.

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