Painting Positive Expectations

Unity teacher Eric Butterworth says we don’t achieve or receive what we deserve or even pray for. We achieve or receive what we expect

If we expect, know, and believe in our heart and soul we’ll lose weight, then we will. On the other hand, if we expect, know, and believe we will gain or remain the same, then we will. If we expect, know, and believe we’re abundant, then we’ll learn we have more than enough money, friends, relationships, food, nature, etc. to meet life to the fullest extent possible. And, if we expect, know, and believe we will never have enough we’ll always live in lack. This type of positive expectation comes from our right brain/heart. 

On the contrary, our Western society uses expectation as a replacement for the word deserve which comes from our left brain. We expect we are entitled to wealth, good jobs, 2.2 children and always be in perfect health. We expect/deserve these things. Then, when our expectations don’t match up with those of societies, something must be wrong with us. We expected the world to come to us with open arms and give us everything we deserved and asked for! 

However, deep down in your heart, what did you truly expect, know, and believe

Did you really expect, know, and believe that job would open up? 

Did you really expect, know, and believe you’d lose five pounds? 

I’m imagining not! 

What is your subconscious/right brain/heart really believing? 

Are you holding positive expectations or negative expectations of yourself? 

Do you really expect, know, or believe good will come to you? 

Do you really expect, know, and believe love, peace, and kindness are yours at all times? 

What are your expectations of yourself and this day? 

Do you expect (right brain/heart) to be fulfilled and joyous or are you expecting (left brain/ego) more of the same old same old? 

The choice is yours! Moment by moment you can expect in your heart joy, love, peace, kindness, and good things to come to you or you can expect the worst will befall you! You are the co-creator of your destiny! You hold the paintbrush in your hand!  

I challenge you to paint with expectations. Paint with positive wild boisterous joy! Paint the life you want! Perhaps today would be a good day to go out and buy some paints and a large canvas. Just draw, paint, create! Give yourself permission to be you! Only you can tap into your dreams, your positive expectations, and your heart’s desire. Paint! Paint! Paint! Be creative! Be the magic! Live the moment! And take charge! Only then will you change the way you see and change the way you live. 

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