If It Is To Be ….

I used to have a “massage guy” who used to say, “Gail, the 10 most important two-letter words you’ll ever hear are ‘“If it is to be it is up to me”’.” Pretty profound wisdom if you ask me!

If we’re going to make anything happen, then, making it happen is up to us. It’s not up to our friends, coworkers, spouses, families, bosses, doctors, or government! It is up to us! Yet, how many times do we blame these people and entities instead of taking responsibility for our own actions?

It’s their fault for me not losing weight!
It’s their fault that the country is a mess!
It’s their fault I’m so unhappy!

The problem is people blame others on the outside instead of looking within and taking personal responsibility and ownership.

It’s not “other’s” fault you aren’t losing weight. It’s yours! We all know it’s calories in and calories out! Perhaps you might:
Change your food plan
Up your exercise
Drink more water
Give up processed foods
Eat more plants-grains, beans, nuts, seeds, fruits, and vegetables

The country may not be going in the direction you’d like; however, what steps can you take? Perhaps:
Join a political or activist group
Write an article
Get involved with a community group
Go within and pray or meditate

Your unhappiness is your responsibility. If your marriage, family, job, etc. aren’t working for you, change your circumstances. Think about:
Changing your job or career
Take a vacation
Step away
Go for a walk
Seek professional help
Call a friend

If it is to be it is up to me. And, up to me means I have to take action. And, taking action means I have to make a shift/change internally to shift/change my external circumstances. The American psychologist Abraham Maslow- who’s best known for his Hierarchy of Needs- said something to the effect that change is the hardest thing to adjust to. And yet, that is the only constant in our lives, in our world, and our universe. We’re constantly changing, growing, evolving. The question is, how are we adapting to change? Are we bitching and moaning or are we embracing and blessing?

Another perspective is from Mahatma Gandhi. He is quoted as saying, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Only you can take action and make the change! Only you can keep resisting what’s going on in your life or embracing doing something new. Going with the flow of the current is always easier than swimming against the current! I challenge you to stop and take a moment to see in what ways you are currently consciously or subconsciously blaming. Once you identify these areas, acknowledge the change, and decide to take action, you’ll find life much more enjoyable and fulfilling. Truly, if you change the way you see you will change the way you live. You have a choice, make and be the change! If it is to be it is up to us!

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