I Will Follow You

As a guide dog user, I have to trust my dog. Trust she will stop at curbs. Trust she will walk around overhanging branches. Trust that when I say “Forward” when at a curb and there’s a car coming her obedient disobedience kicks in and she remains planted on the spot.

Isn’t that the way spirit works as well?

I have to trust spirit. Trust spirit will stop me at obstacles. Trust spirit will gently guide me around things that get in my way. And trust the spirit when I say “Forward” spirit will say, “This isn’t the right path for you.”

We always think we know best!

Have you ever noticed when your ego tries to run your life, your life doesn’t seem to work out very well?

As I trust my dog, we must trust spirit to guide our lives. Spirit and I, like Ava and I, are a team walking beside one another. Sometimes, I think I’m right and have to get Ava’s attention by leash correcting her only to find out that she was right all along. Sometimes, she’s right and I only find out when I bonk my head on a branch.

The lessons are to:
Pause and listen to the spirit
Follow spirit
Be patient with spirit
Love spirit

All things take time and are in divine order. The following spirit, like following a dog, takes trust, love, and commitment. Trusting spirit means letting go of ego and embracing the whispers of the heart. We must be willing to be wrong. We must be willing to listen. We must be willing to be guided in a different direction.

Like my dog, spirit is present every day guiding me into my greatness. My job is to pay attention to the subtle signals. My job is to follow the spirit wherever the spirit leads me in faith, peace, love, and joy. My job is not to question why.

I challenge you to follow your spirit. Let the spirit be your guide. To embrace the nudges of your heart and soul. In this way, you will change the way you see and change the way you live.

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