Are You Ready?

Like an athlete standing at the starting line of a race waiting for the whistle to blast, I am ready to start my new adventure. Much preparation has been made for this day! Many hours of study, tuning my skills, eating well, and exercising have made me into the person who stands before you today! I am ready to run and win the race!

Full of anticipation, excitement, and possibilities I know this race will be full of challenges, hard work, and perseverance; yet, I am ready!!! I am ready to face whatever life has to throw my way!

What about you?

Are you ready?

Are you ready to step up to the line?

Are you prepared?

Have you done your homework?

Are you committed?

Too many times we wait for others to run our races for us! We don’t believe we are strong enough, bold enough, and/or have what it takes to go for the gold! Something or someone has told us we will fail, and for much of our lives, WE believed them!!!

News flash—these beliefs are no longer serving you!!! New data shows that you are strong enough, bold enough, and You Do Have what it takes to not only stand at the starting line, you have what it takes to finish the race!!!

You have to take the challenge of never giving up! You must run as fast as you can! You need to show the other racers that you are indeed the champion! You are ready! You are deserving of all good things! You are ready for success! You are ready for prosperity! You are ready for love! And, you are ready for happiness!!!

I challenge you to take off your old, worn out sneakers and put on new running shoes! You will need them to do what you need to do! Be confident. Be bold. Be brave. You can do this! You are not alone. You have many supporters on your team behind you! So, inhale deeply, take a look around you, believe in yourself, and get ready for the whistle. “On your mark . . . get set . . . ready . . . go!” Keep your eyes focused on the gold, keep your feet flying on your path, and be ready to change the way you see, and be ready to change the way you live!!!

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