a peacemakers path

A Peacemaker’s Path

Being a peacemaker is not easy. It’s so much easier to be critical of people around us. We often judge others in order to make ourselves feel superior. We feel strong and empowered. No one and nothing can ever harm us! Because we’re so busy, busy, busy, finding fault with everyone else, we miss the beauty that surrounds us.

What if we didn’t?
What if we just stopped judging?
Wouldn’t our energy be better spent elsewhere?

Perhaps there’s a blessing in that thing you’re so busy putting all the negative energy towards.

I have an upstairs neighbor. At all hours of the day the night 24/7, he leaves his TV on. It’s blaring when he takes a nap and it’s blaring when he leaves his apartment. The noise it so loud, that on Martin Luther King night, I heard a program where a chorus was singing “Silent Night” with an overlay of a man preaching about peace on earth. In a way, this was humorous because my peace was being disturbed! And the next morning I played Beethoven’s VIOLIN Concerto in D major through my sound bar and could still hear his racket. I’ve spoken numerous times to management, and the only solution I’m given is for me to change apartments, which seems crazy since he’s the one causing issues.

What’s a girl to do?

For me, the lesson seemed to be to find and maintain a path of peace!

Maybe I’m to learn how to accept others and know they’re doing the best they can. Maybe I’m to learn about maintaining internal peace no matter what’s going on in my external world. Whatever the lessons are, I’m to learn about stopping judging and criticizing others and upholding an attitude of gratitude.

What little thing is disrupting your peace?
What thing is causing you to criticize and judge?

The next time you see yourself going off your peace path, perhaps before you immediately jump into this automatic mode, how about you stop, take a breath, point your faith inward, and hold a moment of silence to give gratitude? All things are good. All things are kind. All things are love. It’s up to us to be the peacemakers, not the warriors. In breathing in peace, we’ll change the way we see and change the way we live.

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  1. Lynda Drake

    Thank you, Gail! I love your wisdom and perspective. Everyone should read your blog and the world would be a better place!

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