A New Bone

Day after day we move forward. Every month we say, I can’t believe it’s Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas! Where did the time go? Around, and around we go. Each season blurring into one another! The moon revolves around the earth; The earth revolves on its axes around the sun; and the sun revolves around the Milky Way galaxy. Spring turns into summer, summer into fall, and we keep on saying where does the time go?  

Goes to show you that time does fly quicker than a blink of an eye! Wouldn’t you think we better make the best of every moment? 

Too many times we hear on the news, “Tell your loved ones you love them, for it may be the last time you do!” There’s a sad state of affairs! Yet, more often than not you hear this phrase from a bereft family member. 

Time is short. Wonderous! What are you doing with your one precious life? 

Are you complaining about this or that thing or event? 

Are you spending your days avoiding it? 

A friend of mine told me she saw a tea shirt that said something to the effect, “I read because I don’t want to face reality.” We started coming up with ideas for other t-shirts, and even though we could have an “I Read” series of shirts that say: 

  • I read because I don’t want to do housework 
  • I read because I don’t want to talk to my husband … friend … neighbor 
  • I read because I don’t want to work 
  • I read because my kids drive me crazy 
  • I read because I don’t want to walk the dog 
  • I read because I don’t want to eat another gallon of ice cream 

What would your T-shirt say? 

Now, I’m a great reader! I read anywhere from 12 to 50 books a year. To be honest, sometimes I’ve read books because I’m depressed, or bored, or to escape reality, and that’s okay! However, when reading becomes a crutch for not living life to the fullestthen, that’s a problem. 

As we turn towards the warmer months, and another season evolves, how are you spending your days? 

I challenge you to go forth and stretch! Get out of your comfort zone! Put your book down! Do something new. Be bold! After two years, this week I decided to give Miss Ava, my Seeing Eye dog, a new Bene bone! She’d been gnawing on that poor old fish-shaped bone ever since I got her. When I took the new one out of the storage bench, she was ecstatic! She immediately began to nibble on the ends for the next thirty minutes! Shouldn’t all of us be ecstatic about life? Shouldn’t we all LIVE and BE the best we can BE? It’s good to read a book, and it’s good to not waste any moments of our precious life! So, try a new bone! Try a new flavor of ice cream! Dance a new dance! Whatever you do Be magnificent and expand your awareness! In this way, you will change the way you see and change the way you live! 

Join me: 

Thursday, May 16: Speaking, The Blind Elephant in the Room, Changing the Way You See and Relate to Others 

12:00 PM – 2:00 PM 

Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists Auxiliary 

Glenmoor Country Club, 10 Glenmoor Dr.; Cherry Hills Village, CO 


Friday, May 24, 2024: Play piano 

5:30 PM – 8:30 PM 

Gallo’s Italian Supper Club and Bakery 

3470 South Broadway 

Englewood CO 80113 

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